Find the job
of his dreams
Find my way - Discover your life mission - Activate your brilliance

Identify his unique contribution

Know your talents and strengths

You prepare your Bac, you will choose a path. But, are you having trouble projecting yourself into your future?

Are you afraid of making an important decision that will impact your life?
And, that's perfectly normal ...
You have started your higher education and you are more certain of your choices?

Are you wondering if you have headed for the right curriculum? But, you are afraid to question everything, because you fear to disappoint your entourage?


+ Teenagers (15/18 years)

+ Students


+ Affirm your professional project related to the person you are.

+ Build the concrete action plan of the job that will make you want to get up every morning to work with pleasure!

"Become who you are"


The program


Module 1: Decision Making:

This module guides participants towards understanding that they are responsible for their choices and decisions.

Identify how your beliefs and choices so far may have hindered and complicated your career decisions.

Module 2: Behaviors that are obstacles:
Identify what in your behaviors prevent you from becoming effective in your interpersonal and professional relationships. Develop an action plan to overcome these obstacles.
Module 3: Your life mission:

Define the person you want to be and revisit your life priorities: how do you intend to interact with others, with money, in your job, with your hobbies ...

Defining "who you are" is an important step before defining which job you want to do.

Module 4: The definition of the professional objective:
Affirm your mission of life. Explain what you intend to contribute through your job: Do / create / design

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