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Boosters for humanist companies

Help individuals, teams and organizations to eliminate distortions that sabotage and "undermine" work relationships, progressively undermining motivation.

The goal is to increase openness, authenticity, accountability in organizations and reduce unproductive defensive behaviors in order to secure confident employees for better results and better performance.

Systemic approach aimed at improving working conditions and offering individual, team and organizational success in terms of performance and achievement of objectives.

Leaders, Leaders, Managers, Executives, Teams, Contractors, Consultants & amp; trainers.

+ Inter-company seminars
+ Intra-company seminars
+ Customized seminars, according to the approach of The Human Element® by Will Schutz - 2 to 3 days
+ Individual accompaniment according to the approach of The Human Element® of Will Schutz - (number of sessions to be defined according to your needs)

Power Relationship

Do you want to attract the attention of others?

Relationships occupy all your TIME and all your SPACE.
Yet being in relationship is not so simple …

The experiences of your lives teach you that your relationships are often complex, childish, and time consuming.

Sometimes you get overwhelmed by your emotions. And you do not know how to handle conflicts.

Do you have trouble making decisions, getting started? Often for lack of confidence, rather than lack of energy!
You express the desire to be appreciated, recognized, loved?

But can you feel judged, observed, criticized?

Do you want to attract the attention of others?

To please them, but also to win their approval, imagining that it is capital?

Do you want to develop energizing, stimulating and elegant relationships?

Relationships where you can freely express your opinions, thoughts and emotions without fear of aggressive return, retaliation, or sterile conflict.

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